Friday, January 15, 2010

Income Disclosure

I want you to feel comfortable that I am providing you with unbiased information, and so I will be upfront with you about my sources of compensation.

Most of my income is derived from the writing/consulting work I do for my corporate clients, such as and Union Privilege. From time time, I will also be hired as a spokesperson for a educational campaign. I have been involved in such campaigns for clients such as MasterCard and Bank of America. I only accept those assignments when I feel the message of the client is aligned with my thoughts on the topic.

I also derive a very small percentage of my income from online affiliate programs, which means they pay me for referrals. Again, I strive to always be unbiased in my recommendations, and refer consumers to multiple sources whenever appropriate. For example, when a consumer asks me about debt settlement, I may refer them to companies mentioned on this blog, whom I believe do a good job (I am an affiliate of a couple such companies), but I will also insist they talk with a bankruptcy attorney as well, and I receive no compensation for the referral to an attorney.

I receive review copies of ebooks, books or educational programs from authors/publishers who hope I will review them. I do that as time allows, and donate the copies to my local library's fundraising program when I am finished with them. As of this writing, I have not received any other types of products to review.

I am also paid for the sale of my own books and ebooks.

Programs for which I am an affiliate:

Collection Complaint Hotline
Total Bankruptcy
Consumer Recovery Network
New Era Debt Solutions

If you have any questions about this policy, let me know!

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